Le Creuset  Factory to Table Sale Minneapolis

First-time Le Creuset Factory to Table salegoer here.. Here's how it went.. And what were in the MYSTERY BOXES!

The Le Creuset Factory to Table sale was a well-organized affair, definitely not their first rodeo. Carts for everyone, wide rows for easier shopping, helpful staff, and multiple checkout lines.

And a pickup point made for easier, stress-free loading - no need to heft your Le Creuset goods through the Skyway.

Find a dedicated Facebook group or other social media group/chat for helpful tips before you go. I joined the FTT MSP Facebook Group..

SO WHAT WAS IN THE MYSTERY BOX!? I have 2 to show you! 

The first box had a 9-quart oval Dutch Oven in Flame, 4 coffee cups in Flame, one round Cerise baking dish, and a 6-tin muffin pan in the shape of hearts.

The second box contained three enameled Dutch ovens/pots, an enameled cast iron pan, a gravy boat, a water bottle, and a salt and pepper shaker set.

Was the Le Creuset Factory to Table VIP ticket worth $25? Absolutely. For the $50 mystery box alone! Hit the link below to read more about shopping the sale.

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