How to Make  Cold Brewed  Coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee is super easy to make at home, so you can conveniently have it at the ready when you need your coffee fix.

– 1 gallon water – ¾ cup ground Caribou coffee – ½ cup roasted chicory granules


Grind coffee beans for 5 seconds. Stop and shake it around. Grind for 3 seconds. Boom perfectly coarsely ground.

Add the ground coffee and roasted chicory granules to the metal filter in the jar. Fill with water.

Let steep for 14-24 hours. Remove the metal filter with the used coffee grounds and chicory when it has finished steeping to your liking. Keep refrigerated.

What is the best kind of coffee to use for cold brew? A medium or dark roast is best. And it's fun to experiment with flavored coffees too.

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